Idit Matan - design and home styling


As a multidisciplinary artist, all my years I have been in many different design fields.
Designed and beautiful environment for me is quality of life.

On the home styling process, I love the new energy feeling and the sense of harmony at the end of the process.

I believe that the design meets long-term desires and lifestyle of the occupants.
Love to combine old sentimental objects with new items, this creates unique home, right for you and not like any other home.

Using paint, wallpaper, textiles, lighting, complementary accessories, and more, can make a difference to any design style you choose.

Process is relatively short. Following a meeting and knowing you, your wants and needs, we’ll decide on the style.
I'll create inspiration board and a presentation illustrating the changes. Together or separately upon your choice, we will go for purchasing.
Then meet again and design the space according to the design plan.
Change can be made in any home or one particular space.

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Idit Matan